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My Name is Rie Emmers and I am a Manual Therapist, a Lymphoedema Therapist and a Pilates Instructor.

My Story

Shortly after I left Belgium for Scotland in 2008, I started volunteering for The RDA (Riding with the Disabled) and instantly fell in love with those beautiful horses who patiently and gracefully deal with sometimes very challenging riders. I decided I wanted to give back to the horses and set off to get a degree in Equine Massage Therapy. For 3 years I studied in Chelmsford, The Scottish Borders, Glastonbury and with Mary Bromley in Somerset. Regrettably but at the same time to my delight I had to conclude that the horses in Argyll and Bute didn’t seem to need a manual therapist at all. Sensible and knowledgeable owners in this region chose the right food and supplements for their animals, create the best environment and have farriers and equine dentists on speed dial.

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"In recent years, more and more research has emerged to back up what manual therapist practitioners experience and feel in our clinics."

Lorimer Mosely

But because I could no longer suppress my fascination for anatomy and physiology, I turned my focus on my fellow Homo Sapiens and enrolled in a Swedish massage training at the Scottish Massage School in Edinburgh. During the last of 12 weekends, I was introduced to a charity called IRIS Cancer partnership and I was appalled to learn that not only was massage considered dangerous and unhealthy for people with cancer but also that there was no aftercare at all following cancer treatment.

This revelation set the course for the rest of my training and it fed my passion and dedication to pursue skills in a mixture of techniques which I fondly refer to as the tools in my toolbox. I finalised my degree in Advanced Remedial and Sports Therapy at the Western School in Glasgow. Consequently, I trained as a manual Lymphoedema Therapist at the Vodder Akademie and I learned specific manipulation and stretching techniques as well as kinesiotaping with a phenomenal osteopath named John Gibbons in Oxford.  


I will be forever utterly fascinated by the findings of Jean-Pierre Barral and participated in 4 modules in Visceral Manipulation and the entire training in Manual Articulation in Ayr. And finally, in 2020 I got my degree in Medical Acupuncture at the Functional Integrated Dry Needling Institute (FIDN).

No matter what age I will get to my life will always be too short to clench my desire to get to know more about that fascinating apparatus that we may call our body.  Currently I am enrolled in a 3 -year training in TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine and Orthopaedic Needling at CCM London.


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Roland Haynes

I went to see Rie with some moderate lower back pain that had developed over a period of several months. Rie investigated my complaint thoroughly and with manual therapy, acupuncture and stretching exercises, alleviated my discomfort. Thank you!

"My fascination for fascia is fundamental for my work"

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